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Mothers Paternal Family History

The Vansants

The Vansants
The Nays
The Great Vansants
The Editor
George and Nona

George and Nona were married for a while. Then they divorced and Nona moved into Hesperia.  I currently live in the house that was built for Nona in 1966 in Hesperia, California. It is really cool because there are tons of pictures of the house when there was nothing near it. I look at the pictures and then look out side and am amazed by how much the High Desert has grown. Also, while looking through pictures I found a box with pictures of George, he was ripped out of pictures. I also found a note to the boys and Nona stating that he was in San Diego, and he was leaving and he didn't know if he would be back. From that information I think that Nona and George were on bad terms. I never met either of my Great Grandparents and I do not know much about them.