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Donald Dean

Donald Dean Vansant was born on July 22, 1934 to Anona Nay-Vansant and George Lockard Vansant In Los Angeles. He currently lives in Primm, Nevada with his wife Sally. Donald was a gymnast, jocky, model and he was in the Navy. He was a pilot in the Navy, and I have heard that he flew threw the Bermuda Triangle and he lived to tell about it. Donald was the second child of Anona and George. Their first child was Darell Vansant.

Darrel and Donald
Nona, Darrell and Donald

Darell was one of the original "Little Rascals." I am not sure which one he was but I am told that he was in just a few. He was the one with the hat and the pipe. I tried to look for his name on some "Little Rascals" web sites but didn't find it. Also Darell married Helene Machado. One of the original League of Their Own Womens Baseball players. Helene was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1988. They had 6 children together and Darell died in his 30's of a heart attack.

Helene Machado, My great Aunt.

Back of Baseball Card

Helene and Darell